Flying Club

Join the Flying Club and learn to fly the simulator solo! Once trained, you'll fly without the aid, or presence of a Simflightkl Instructor. You'll be able to fly your friends, family or work colleagues to over 24,000 destinations around the world.

You will be trained in all aspects of flying our jet simulator, following a process similar to gaining a real pilots license - for a fraction of the cost!

How do I join?
Enrolment at our Centre.

Enrolment can be done by internet, phone or at a Simflightkl store. Upon enrolling you will receive your Flying Club Logbook and Training Manual. Booking lessons can be done at any time that suits the you.

Licence One
This enables memebers to taxi, take-off, fly circuits and land at airports in cities anywhere in the world that is capable of operating the Airbus A320. This is great of sightseeing and honing your skills. Time required: Approximately 4-5 hours of training and a 45 minute test flight

Licence Two
Once approved, you will be capable of flying Sectors. This enables members to fly a City-to-City sector flight solo, using the replica Airbus A320 Navigation system and automation. This is ultimate way to be the captain of a typical airline flight. Time required: Approximately 4-5 hours of training and a 45 minute test flight

Pre-Flight Endorsement
Members may elect to gain a Pre-flight Endorsement at any time during their training. This is mandatory for Licence Two, but may be completed before, during or after Licence One. The Pre-flight Endorsement involves pre-flight, engine start-up and shutdown procedures form a COLD STATE, including how to programme the FMC (Flight Management Computer)

Time required: Approximately 2-3 hours of training and a 30 minute test flight

Membership Packages

  • 10 instructional hours on Airbus A320 Simulator
  • 3 ground school subject
  • 1 hour real flying experience on Cessna 172 or Piper PA 28
  • The total Cost RM 6,800.00