Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Simulator is a device that simulates the real aircraft. It is a exact replica of the aircraft you always fly in the airlines. Caution! It is not the real aircraft.

We are located on 2nd floor in Subang Skypark Terminal, Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport.

Yes, absolutely! We are very public orientated and very welcoming.

Yes you may. You can share the cost on our simulator sessions.

Yes you can. Extra passengers are very much welcomed and we are very kids friendly too.

You can pay through online using Paypal or debit/credit card. You can also do a walk in and pay at the counter if you just happen to walk by or pass by our establishment.

There is no age limit. Anyone can fly from kids, teenagers, adults and pilots.

Yes! We have a certified commercial pilots to guide and train you before you start the session.

Our simulator is not a full motion however our three projectors simulates 200 degrees of view and when you sit in our real airplane seats, you will feel the motion and senses.

You are very much welcomed to take pictures and videos inside our simulator when you purchase a session with us.

Yes, we will provide the uniform and pilot cap to you while flying provided it is available at the time.

We have all the airports in our database up to date.

You can make a call to us and inform us on your next available date. We are more than happy to accommodate you.

Preferably please book and come or give us a call first upper hand so that we can assist you in booking.